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About Alina

Beauty is so much more than just the clothes we wear, or the makeup we put on. It’s each person’s personality, how we express ourselves, and what makes us feel unique. There is no one definition of beauty – and thus there should not be one makeup look that fits all. Each application I do is assessed according to multiple factors, including personality, comfort level with makeup, and personal image – and I tailor my work accordingly. The result is a satisfied client that feels as beautiful and unique on the outside as they do on the inside.

“The best thing about my job is the people and making them feel better about themselves. There’s nothing better than when a woman gets off the chair and skips away.”

My name is Alina Sivilay. I am a Freelance Makeup Artist based in Houston, TX, and while I enjoy working in all sectors of the beauty industry, my passion is bridal and formal events, which led me to start Alina Artistry. I've had the pleasure of servicing up to 2000+ people in the past 11 years of my career.


My love for makeup and beauty has been with me my whole life.

A decade later, my love for makeup and beauty continues to grow more and more.


I love learning new things, being inspired, and being creative. I take pride in creating beautiful work and hope I can be fortunate enough to do what I Iove for the rest of my life.

- Alina

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